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Welcome to the South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools web page dedicated to the strategic planning initiative that began in 2012 and was formally adopted in July 2013. The strategic planning process was started in an effort to engage stakeholders in the community about their schools and to proactively prepare and plan for the future of this district. Over 300 stakeholders including students, staff, senior citizens, community members, elected officials and business leaders, came together and demonstrated a clear passion for the district and a dedication to its long term interests. These individuals met over six months to provide input and share thoughts on the district.

The strategic planning process was intensive, but also maintained a simplicity in nature. Our objective was to identify a mission and a vision for the district and also determine our core values. This may seem like a marginal task, but once various stakeholders came together, representing varying interests, a wide variety of ideas were presented. Ultimately, the product was a collection of all of these ideas into a viable plan from which we as a district could operate. The district leadership was NOT interested in investing resources to create a plan to collect dust. Rather, our intent was to craft a living plan that incorporates input from all of the stakeholders in the community and be a vehicle to drive our work. The result is a community-based and action-oriented plan that serves as a road map the future.

The result of our comprehensive strategic planning effort culminated with Board approval of Destination 2018, the SEL Schools’ five year strategic plan.

Our strategic plan outlines a new vision for the district, which is that The South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools will be “The Destination School Community.” It also establishes a new mission for the schools and four areas of focus, or goals. Those goals include:

o Teaching & Learning

o Communications & Partnerships

o School Community Climate

o Facilities

The heart of the strategic plan contains specific action steps that will ultimately contribute towards the attainment of these goals over the next several years.

As we look ahead to becoming The Destination School Community, I thank the community for its continued support.

You will find a copy of Destination 2018 in the links on the right, as well as Year 1 and Year 2 Implementation reports.

The SEL Schools is a dynamic and diverse school district which pursues student achievement as its top priority. With our plan in place for the future, and your continued support, we are confident in our potential to succeed and that you will “Feel the Power of Arc Pride” as well. 
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