Welcome to Greenview

Mrs. Kelly Murphy

Greenview Upper Elementary School is where our school communities come together as one for grades 4-6. We make every effort to ensure this transition is seamless for our students and families. We believe that education must focus on the academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of students. We also believe that all children will succeed because they can achieve!

All staff at Greenview understand the importance of relationships with our students, families, and community to help our students achieve. Our motto is “Connection Before Correction.” We emphasize the “Greenview Way” with our students which includes the 3 R’s of Respect, Responsibility and Readiness to learn. Greenview offers a supportive and challenging learning environment that includes both intervention and enrichment opportunities for students. We offer two-way communication through the use of classroom Dojo. This tool enables parents to receive immediate messages regarding learning taking place in the classroom as well as any areas of concern.

The curriculum at Greenview is aligned with Ohio’s state standards. Lessons are differentiated to allow for individualized learning experiences, including special education and gifted students. Honors courses are offered beginning in sixth grade. We support the arts by offering general music and art to all students as well as band and orchestra beginning in fifth grade.

Greenview supports the integration of technology to help create an individualized, blended learning environment. Chromebooks are utilized as well as interactive white-boards to help bring the classroom alive. Google Classroom provides opportunity for student/teacher communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Students are given opportunity for experiences beyond the classroom. The many clubs offered provide a wide array of extra-curricular options for students to choose from. These experiences help build leadership capacity and provide a sense of connection to Greenview. 

Our community partners are an integral part of Greenview’s learning environment. Support is provided to our students and families in many aspects ranging from basic needs to targeted instruction and mentoring. These important partnerships allow students additional opportunities to succeed and achieve!

If you have further questions regarding Greenview, I encourage you to schedule an appointment to come and see for yourself. Walking through our doors allows you to “feel” what Greenview is all about. Thank you for your continued support of the SEL Schools and our quest to become “The Destination School District.”

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