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The 9 week D.I.V.A.S. (Demonstrating Inner Value, Acceptance, and Self-Worth) Girls Program was a huge success under the leadership of Ms. Angela Flowers. During the program, the girls were able to do the following:

*Teambuilding/Getting to Know You (1 session): The girls were able to do icebreakers and create group guidelines for the DIVAS group.

*Health and Wellness (2 sessions): Kim Archibald from My Village Yoga came and facilitated a yoga session and taught the girls about deep breathing and the importance of mind, body, spirit balance. Her lesson stressed how the young ladies are able to use deep breathing and meditation to help with stress and managing emotions.

*Self-Esteem and Affirmations (2 sessions): The girls were able to identify ways to build positive self-image and create affirmations to help them with their positive self-talk.

*Discussed Teen Dating and Unhealthy Relationships (2 sessions) and worked on a Domestic Violence Project "Clothesline Project" in which they identified different forms of abuse/violence against women and tie dyed t-shirts to represent the forms of violence against women that they have witnessed or experienced themselves. Each color represented a different form.

*Create Vision Boards (2 sessions) with short-term and long-term goals on their academic, career, and life goals. During the final day o the program, each girl presented their Vision Boards and received feedback. They were each awarded certificates of completion, completed surveys, and voiced their concerns about the group ending.


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