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Students Attend STREAM Workshop at Tri-C

The South Euclid Lyndhurst School System’s curriculum department is a tireless advocate of creating opportunities for its students when it comes to procuring opportunities for its students to be inspired and focused on the careers of tomorrow.

The district recently sent several excelling science students to a STREAM workshop at the Tri-C eastern campus. The workshop was sponsored by Martha Fudge and her team of “quality education for all” advocates.

The students were separated into small groups, and participated in several STREAM activities indicative of science, technology, recreation, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

To quote one of our students who attended, Arthur Bargainer, "This experience was very educational and made me want to learn more about chemistry. It was enjoyable." Seventh grader Rya Fitch (robotics club) said about the experience, “I was glad they included the arts because I want to be an actress, but I know that I need a backup plan!"

The workshop included an inspirational speech from renowned pilot and STREAM guru Barrington Irving. Mr. Irving’s mantra: “Kids want to be challenged, but today too many are bored and uninspired. I want to use aviation to excite and empower a new generation to become scientists, engineers, and explorers.” Follow this link to get more information on this amazing scientist that worked with our students.

It was an overall amazing experience for all, and continues to reinforce the districts message that: education must focus on academic, social, emotional, and physical needs of students.


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