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Greenview Upper Elementary Fourth Graders Hold Rocket Launch

Greenview Upper Elementary School’s 4th grade students from Team Montreal showcased their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills by participating in a rocket launch on Friday, May 12th. This special learning experience took place in the grass field behind the fourth-grade wing of the school and was overseen by Math and Science teacher Mr. Paul Kijinski. Students were organized into small groups which assisted Mr. Kijinski in preparing and launching the rockets. Featuring a solid fuel engine, the rockets soared to over 1,000 feet with fellow students and teachers observing from a safe distance. Students were also organized into teams to locate and retrieve all rockets once they landed.

The rocket launch was part of a STEM unit generously funded by the Greenview PTA. Prior to the launch day, students were trained on safety measures to be prepared for the coming event. This experience allowed students to hone their STEM skills by making accurate measurements and translating 2-D illusions into functional 3-D rockets, creating a closed electrical circuit from the launch unit to the engine fuse, and demonstrating how chemical energy can be transformed to provide rocket thrust. The rocket launch also provided Mr. Kijinski, a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and former Missile Launch Control Officer an opportunity to share his passion for rocket science with young students.

The SEL Schools would like to thank Mr. Kijinski and the Greenview PTA for providing such a special and exciting learning experience for our students!

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