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Technology Playing an Increasing Role in Brush High School Mathematics Instruction

A variety of innovative instruction techniques are helping to propel students in one Charles F. Brush High School mathematics class, where at the very core of student learning is the district’s enhanced emphasis on technology. Courtesy of veteran math teacher Adam Zimmerman, students in Geometry, Functions, Statistics, Trigonometry and Pre-Calculus are now “flipping classroom” instruction to better maximize time, utilize data to make teaching decisions and practice the application of subject matter. Through a series of taped lectures that are approximately six to seven minutes in length, Mr. Zimmerman is encouraging his students in all grade levels to go online and watch his taped lectures, which emphasizes “level 1” instruction-matter. Such materials include learning definitions and formulas. At least once during each video, the lecture pauses and a question or problem is asked that students are required to answer and submit online. Mr. Zimmerman reviews results and is able to see which problems or questions require the most intensive, in-person instruction come class time. Classroom discussions are consequently more engaging and beneficial to students. In addition, Mr. Zimmerman has put to use Chrome Forms, whereby he is able to make data-driven formative assessments. Essentially placing all of his lessons online, rather than a textbook, students log into their Google accounts using Chrome Books, select the various aspects of the lesson and begin learning. This highly technological approach is helping Mr. Zimmerman to evaluate students through the data and differentiate instruction based on the learning abilities of the students. Together, Mr. Zimmerman’s use of the “flipped classroom” approach as well as Google Forms, is helping to integrate technology on a daily basis in his classroom and prepare his students for the 21st Century.

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