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"There's No Business Like Our Business"

"There's No Business Like Our Business"

The third grade teachers at Sunview challenged their students to develop a response to a current local economic issue—an animal rescue in need of funding. The third graders formed their own business which produced and sold a variety of pet toys, with their final profits benefiting Marilyn’s Voice.

The students began by applying for a small business loan to the United Bank of Taylor (the Principal of Sunview).  They were also required to negotiate the terms of the loan, including the interest and collateral (their recess) if the company defaulted on the loan with the banker. Outsourcing and bartering were then explored as the company recruited parents to help cut materials. The students then experienced and assessed the advantages and disadvantages of specialization and the division of labor. Several student quality control officers were on hand to inspect the merchandise for faulty workmanship or safety hazards. Pricing of the merchandise was challenging as the students struggled to assure both profitability and affordability. Mrs. Erwin used this teachable moment to emphasize both the opportunity cost and the possible scarcity of funds, due to the holidays and our current economy. Finally, the students chose to sell their merchandise to two local markets, in the school cafeteria and in the community, outside of a local pet store.

As a result of their hard work, the Sunview Pet Arcs Company collected more than $1,900 during their one week sale. After repaying their small business loan to the National Bank of Taylor, the students proudly presented Marilyn’s Voice with a check for $1,636.44. Marilyn’s Voice is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. They primarily rescue dogs from puppy mills but also take in other abused and abandoned dogs. The dogs are immediately treated by a veterinarian and placed into foster homes where they will join a volunteer’s family and learn what it is like to be a beloved family pet. Any funds raised go directly do the dog’s vet bills and care.

To learn more about Marilyn’s Voice please visit,

Congratulations to our Sunview third graders for a job well done!

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