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Learn about the District's Newly Adopted Strategic Plan: Destination 2018

The Board of Education and Administration are pleased to present “Destination 2018” to our teachers, staff, parents, students and the greater SEL community. As the SEL Schools continue to strengthen the partnerships that will make the district stronger and raise student achievement for all students, it is essential that everyone involved has a clear picture of where the school district is headed and how we will measure our progress along the way. 


This strategic plan represents the culmination of months of hard work and community engagement.  With goals and action steps in place, the real work will now commence. The South Euclid – Lyndhurst School District will work in concert with the community to make the vision, mission, and actions come to life. The Board and Administration believes that the path to an exemplary school district is a journey that includes bold visions, transparent decisions, and accountability for progress, all in the name of increased student achievement.


Destination 2018 is a living document, which means that as we make progress toward our goals, the plan will be updated to reflect higher expectations or perhaps even new goals. Stakeholders of the district can expect an annual report outlining our progress toward each goal, and an honest reflection and corrective actions to be taken when the district is not making adequate progress toward our goals.


The SEL School District needs the community's partnership in meeting its goals.  The community can be involved on a variety of levels. 

The Board adopted strategic plan, Destination 2018, is attached below.  It includes the mission, vision, core beliefs, goals and specific results.  In addition, each specific result has several action steps that are not included in this attachment. 

Destination 2018
is a bold statement of what our schools can achieve, and with the community's partnership, SEL will meet every goal for its students.

Attachments Available To Download:
Strategic Plan - Destination 2018
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