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Elementary Schools Celebrate Black History Month with ‘Living’ Wax Museum
To culminate the celebration of Black History Month, students throughout the district’s elementary school buildings participated in a ‘living’ wax museum on Friday, March 7th. The project celebrated influential African-American figures and involved several phases. The first phase involved students selecting a notable historical or present-day African-American figure and performing research on their lives and important accomplishments. This provided teachers the opportunity to instruct students on how to effectively research a topic, including the proper way to cite sources of information. Students also utilized technology to conduct their research. The next phase involved creating an engaging and informative tri-fold poster display, which included the person’s name, photos and important information about their lives.

For the final phase of the project, students participated in a ‘living’ wax museum, by portraying their selected African-American figure through the use of costumes and props. As parents and family members entered the gym, students remained silent and in a frozen position. However, once the “Push Play” button was pressed on the front of their costume, the student “sprang to life” and began to give a brief oral presentation about their figure’s life and accomplishments. During the presentation, each student’s poster was prominently displayed behind them as well. Congratulations to all participating students on a job well done!
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