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Manufacturing Day

 On Friday, October 02, 2015, fourteen Brush students participated in Manufacturing Day at QED in Mayfield. Students learned about the exciting field of Biomedical engineering. At QED they are making the key components of an MRI. Students learned how an MRI works through the magic of magnets. The students used a soldering tool to solder circuit boards and then saw how a machine put together a soldering board, that would take an expert hours, in just a couple of minutes.  

Students learned about the different layering needed when using a 3-D Printer and how different plastics are used depending on the part. The students even received a geared wheel from a 3-D Printer.

The students finished up at the Toshiba Labs where many of the QED products are tested. Students saw the amazing magnetic power of an MRI. A wrench on a rope pulled a man as if he was walking a dog and an aluminum can rolled at a much slower rate down an incline. Even the magnetic ink on a dollar bill was drawn to the magnet of the MRI.

Lastly, the students learned more about the types of imaging and what areas of the body are scanned and why.  

Brush High School would love to thank QED and Toshiba Labs for an amazing Manufacturing Day experience.

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