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Memorial Students Experience Learning in New Science Classrooms

Memorial Students Experience Learning in New Science Classrooms

7th and 8th grade students at Memorial Junior High now have the opportunity to experience learning in the newly finished science classrooms, which opened during the first week of October. Construction of the science classrooms began in mid-July 2014, after a thorough planning process during the previous school year. The new classrooms feature lab tables, faucets, and other amenities required for performing various lab experiments. Most importantly, the new science facilities provide additional learning opportunities for students. “It is really exciting to have a functioning lab to perform experiments and apply critical thinking skills on a weekly basis,” stated 7th Grade Science teacher Roberto Bernetich.  

On Wednesday, October 8th, Mr. Bernetich and fellow science teacher Paula Morgan implemented a lab experiment which required students to utilize the scientific method. Students used each step of the scientific method to discover which water temperature most quickly dissolved an Alka-Seltzer tablet. Working collaboratively in groups, the students filled beakers with water at varying temperatures, specifically hot, cold and warm, using a thermometer to measure and record the exact temperature. The students then dropped a single Alka-Seltzer tablet into each beaker of water and utilized a kitchen timer to measure the amount of time each tablet took to dissolve. After recording and analyzing all relevant data, the students wrote a conclusion summarizing their findings.

Congratulations to the staff and students at Memorial for a job well done!

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