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Brush Art Students Win Big in Competition

Students from Charles F. Brush High School received 30 awards in the recent Annual Scholastics Art and Writing Competition, which showcased our school district’s talent among others in Cuyahoga County. The 30 awards received by Brush High students came as a result of judges sorting through 3,000 artwork submissions before choosing the finalists. Winning artwork from these 30 Brush Arcs students, along with other local winners in grades 7 through 12, was posted for public display at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Those students receiving the highest distinction of “Gold Key” will be judged at the national competition in New York City later this spring. Congratulations to the Brush High School artists who were among the top winners in all of Northeast Ohio. Winning “Gold Key” awards from Brush High School included:
Princess Egbo,  Ambrosia,  Painting,  Educator: Sarah Curry  

Princess Egbo,  Dyo,  Painting,  Educator: Sarah Curry

Julia Kiefer,  Fly Away,  Photography,  Educator: Hadley Conner

Autumn McDonald, Qtween,  Photography, Educator: Hadley Conner  

Marc Saxe,  Gender Duality,  Photography,  Educator: Hadley Conner  

Victoria Semler, Two-Faced, Photography, Educator: Hadley Conner  

Anthony Velez,  Through The Hole,  Photography, Educator: Hadley Conner  


Top photo:  DYO, by Princess Egbo

Bottom photo: Fly Away, by Julia Kiefer