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Memorial Junior High Hosts First Annual Science Fair
Memorial Junior High Hosts First Annual Science Fair

All seventh and eighth grade students at Memorial Junior High were scientists for a day, as the school hosted its First Annual Science Fair from 5 PM to 8 PM on Thursday, March 13th. The inaugural event was held in the school gym and was attended by students, parents and members of the community. On display were 530 presentation boards created by each student, highlighting the results of their selected experiment. The presentation boards were the result of several months of research and hard work, which began in mid-December 2013. Under the direction of the Memorial Science Department staff, students learned about each step of the scientific method, and created a hypothesis which could be tested via an experiment. After receiving approval for their proposed experiment, students began the process of conducting research on their topic and gathering all necessary materials. The final steps of their scientific endeavor involved conducting the experiment and documenting the results on a presentation board, complete with pictures, graphs and a written summary.

The evaluation process for each student’s experiment involved two parts. The first part took place March 11-12, and involved sixty judges from across the district, including teachers, administrators and Superintendent Linda N. Reid. Each judge was assigned 10 boards to evaluate based on a rubric created by the Memorial Science department staff. The second portion of the evaluation involved an assessment which measured each student’s knowledge of the scientific method. Finally, an awards ceremony will take place on Monday, March 17th, during which first, second and third place awards will be given school wide, as well as to each science classroom.

The South-Euclid Lyndhurst Schools wish to congratulate all of the students at Memorial Junior High School for a job well done, as well as thank all Science Department staff for organizing and helping to make the First Annual Science Fair a success!