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The Blue Moons Left Us Standing Alone...UNTIL NOW!
The Blue Moons Left Us Standing Alone...UNTIL NOW!

1972…a Sha Na Na concert and a backyard summer party was where it started. The next, and supposedly final goal, was to impress choir director, Lindley Hall, enough to let them perform in the Brush Vocal Music Fall Concert. They auditioned, Mr. Hall smiled and a phenomenon was born.

Between high school and 2005 The Fabulous Blue Moons performed often. Neil Brofman, John Anderson, Howie Feldenkris, Greg Sladek, Tony Sharaba, John Walz, Tim Duffy, Keith Fredrickson, Tom Federico and Dave Sarafian all graduated from Brush during the ’73 – ’76 Era. However, as these 17 year olds found themselves turning 50, life led some of them to different parts of the country and it became more and more difficult for the group to coordinate their schedules to accommodate performances. According to Neil, “We kind of live and die as a unit.”…and so, in 2005, The Fabulous Blue Moons took their final curtain call.

On April 30, 2005 they shot for, and landed one final time, on the Moon. Approximately 625 people crammed Normandy Party Center for their “Farewell Tour”, proceeds of which was donated to the Brush Vocal Music Boosters. In attendance were several hundred Brush High alumni from various years.

The hall was too crowded, the tables were too full…and no one cared.
There wasn’t room to move on the dance floor…and no one cared.
All anyone cared about was being together and celebrating the end of an Era. 

One attendee summed up the evening when he said “I was overwhelmed by the feeling of love in the room”.

All in all, everyone had a ball at their bash !
And through the tears and tributes that endings bring, everyone was grateful to be a part of one last time, one final show…UNTIL NOW!

The Moons will rise again in the sky on Saturday, July 4, 2015 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. as they rock the community at Legacy Village. This is a reunion you won’t want to miss! Hope to see you there!