Application Process

Application Process

Application Process

Please Read: Charles F. Brush High School students should thoroughly read the information below. It is important that the information is understood and followed throughout the credit flexibility offering.

Any student may apply for credit to be awarded through Independent Study or Credit Flexibility. The student will submit an application on the district Application for Independent Study and Credit Flexibility form by May 31st for the upcoming school year. Any application submitted after the May 31st deadline is subject to denial.

All required information must be provided. The student may be required to provide supporting documentation as determined by the Guidance Counselor and/or Principal or designee of the Principal. 

Review of Application
The application will be reviewed by committee which includes an academic team composed of teacher(s), Department Chair, school counselor(s), Principal or designee of the Principal and/or Director of Instruction. Upon approval of a completed application, the student may then proceed with the learning activity and credit will be awarded when all requirements are completed and evaluated. The Principal or designee may consult with the facilitator of the related department or others as needed to provide needed information prior to making a decision regarding the awarding or denial of credit.

Awarding credit
Issuance of credit will be determined locally, by an academic team composed of teacher(s), Department Chair, school counselor(s), building administrator and/or central office administrator. A student may be eligible to receive credit upon satisfactory completion of the alternative coursework, activity, assessment and/or performance as required by the Principal or designee. The following standards and guidelines apply to awarding credit:

  •  The total number of credits that may be awarded is not limited.
  • The successful completion of a preapproved course may result in credit being designated as fulfilling either required or elective credit toward graduation requirements.
  • All courses, as applicable, must be aligned to the Ohio Academic Content Standards to receive credit.
  • Credit from other districts and educational providers, including online providers, may be accepted in accordance with the Ohio Operating Standards.
  • The Principal or designee may award credit for custom learning activity(s) in the amount approved in advance based upon the equivalence to a 120 hour (Carnegie unit) course. In preapproved cases, partial credits may be awarded where deemed appropriate.
  • The Principal or designee may award credit or partial credit for preapproved assessments, performances or work products that demonstrate mastery of content of any course offered at Charles F. Brush High School. Elective credit for courses not offered at Charles F. Brush High School may also be earned in this manner as preapproved.
  • If a student transfers from another school district to the South Euclid-Lyndhurst City Schools and the student has not completed the course requirements to receive credit as approved by the other district, the Principal or designee may consider this a new application for credit. The Principal or designee may assign partial credit for partial completion as deemed appropriate.
  • Credits completed in another district before transfer to the South Euclid-Lyndhurst City Schools will count as credits toward fulfilling graduation requirements as awarded by the sending district. The Principal or designee will review the transfer credit to determine equivalency to specific courses offered by the South Euclid-Lyndhurst City Schools.
  • District developed and/or approved tests/assessments used to determine advancement and course credits will be given annually in May to facilitate planning for the subsequent school year. Applications for credit by assessment are due on or before May 1st. To qualify for credit by assessment, the student must demonstrate mastery in the subject as determined by the Teacher of Record to receive credit. A student failing to achieve this score may not apply for credit by assessment for the same course credit until the following school year. Any credit by assessment for a particular course may only be attempted two times.
  • There are NO weighted grades for credits earned through independent study/credit flexibility.
  • The Teacher of Record reserves the right to remove the student from a course (withdrawn with penalty) for issues involving plagiarism and copyright violation.
  • The student must complete all coursework assigned by the Teacher of Record on or before the due date or the student may be withdrawn with penalty from the course.
  • The decision of the Teacher of Record regarding a withdrawal from the course may be appealed to the Principal. A letter outlining the reason(s) for the appeal must be received by the Principal within 10 calendar days following notification of withdrawal.

Program Integrity
In order to ensure the integrity of the learning experience approved under this program, the student will be required periodically and or upon demand to provide evidence of progress and attendance. The principal or his/her designee will be responsible for certifying course completion and the award of credits consistent with the District's policies on graduation.

If a student ceases to attend or is unable to complete the Credit Flexibility Opportunity for insufficient reasons (lack of effort, failure to follow through, indecision, etc.), the Principal or his/her designee may determine that the student's transcript be adjusted to reflect the experience as a failure.

OHSAA/NCAA Considerations
Students wishing to participate in high school athletics must be aware that Credit Flexibility learning experiences will be factored into their eligibility considerations.

Seniors wishing to pursue Division I or Division II NCAA athletics eligibility are responsible for ensuring that they will meet the appropriate requirements. Further information is available from the Guidance Counselors.

Determining Grades

  • Grades earned through Independent Study and/or Credit Flexibility will NOT be weighted. The letter grade to be posted on the transcript and included in the student’s grade point average will be awarded as determined by the Teacher of Record.
  • If a student fails to make adequate progress on coursework, the approval to further pursue the proposed credit may be revoked and a failing grade will be posted to the student’s transcript.
  • The final grade for the course must be posted before the credit can count toward graduation.
  • If a student is unable to complete the course due to illness (with provided medical documentation) or other valid reason as determined by the Principal or designee, an extension may be permitted and/or requirements revised. If the student does not intend to complete the credit and there has been an illness or other valid reason, the application may be withdrawn without penalty by the Principal or designee.
  • Should a student transfer to another school district, upon request of the student or parent, the district shall forward a copy of the approved application to the new district for their consideration.
  • Letter grades will count in the student G.P.A. and will not be weighted. Your choice of grading options cannot be changed later.

This policy does not in any way prohibit access to on-line education, postsecondary options or services from another district approved by the board.

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