Memorial Clubs

Memorial Clubs

Memorial Clubs

We have a lot of Clubs returning and joining Memorial Junior High this year. Don’t let your child miss out on the extra fun they have to offer with clubs and co-curricular! For more information, please have them contact the Club Advisor.

Art Club

Club Advisor - Mr. Richards - [email protected] 

AV Club

Club Advisor - TBD

Book Club

Club Advisor - Mrs. Hubler - [email protected] 

Chromebook Repair Club

Club Advisor - Mr. Romanoff - [email protected] 

Cyber Cafe

Club Advisor - TBD


Focuses on Charter Development and Life Skills - Velocity Church
Club Advisor -  

Fuel up to Play

Club Advisor - TBD

Homework Club

Club Advisor - Ms. Newton - [email protected] 

I Am Bella

Focuses on promoting emotional maturity and self-esteem

7th Grade - Mrs. Durkin - [email protected] 
8th Grade - 

Kindness Club

Club Advisor - Mrs. Budziak - [email protected] 

MAC Ambassadors

Boys & Girls
Club Advisor - Ms. Melissa Thompson - [email protected] 

Recycle Club

Club Advisor - TBD

Robotics Club

Club Advisor - TBD

Ski Club

Club Advisor - Mr. Bezdek - [email protected] 

Student Council

Club Advisor - Mrs. Heitman-Laszlo - [email protected] 

Yearbook Club

Club Advisor - TBD
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