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We are all very appreciative and thankful for the time and effort you put back into our schools! We are lucky to have a Board that is involved and genuinely concerned about what is best for our students! ~Mike Murphy~Director of Business Affairs~

The new transportation facility will be opening within the next few weeks. We are so elated to have a permanent home within our district. We welcome you to visit the site any time. Thank you for all of your efforts. Our new home is amazing. ~Leanne Heitman~Transportation Supervisor~

Staff Contacts



ABATE, KACIE - [email protected] - Gifted Students

ADAMS, CANDICE - [email protected] - IS for 8th grade 

ADICK, JEFFREY - [email protected] - 7th Grade Math

ALBRECHT, CLAUDIA - [email protected] - ELL Teacher

AULETTA, ANGELA - [email protected] - 7th Grade ELA

BALCAM, RICHARD [email protected] - 7th Grade History 

BARIC, KRISTEN - [email protected] - Orchestra

BERKOBEIN, AMBER - [email protected] - Media

BERNETICH, ROBERTO - [email protected] - 7th Grade Science

BEZDEK ,MARK - [email protected] - 8th Grade History

BOTELLA, GUILLERMO - [email protected] - Spanish

BRANDON, PATRICK - [email protected] - IS for 7th grade 

BRESSLER, JENNIFER - [email protected] - Both grades Math Teacher

BROOKS, SUZANNE - [email protected] - Psychologist

BRUCE,  BRIAN - [email protected] - IS for 8th Grade

BUDZIAK, SARAH - [email protected] - Health

BUTLER, JULIE - [email protected] - 8th grade History

CANOWITZ, MELISSA - [email protected] - 7th Grade Gym

CARUSO, MARC - [email protected] - 7th Grade History

CICERO, SUE - [email protected] - 8th Grade Counselor

DELIBERATO, LISA - [email protected] - ED Teacher

DURKIN, KRIS - [email protected] - 7th Grade Counselor

FERGUSON, KHADIJAH - [email protected] - Title 1 - ELA

GERL, CAITLIN - [email protected] - 8th Grade ELA

HOMROCK, ALLISON - [email protected] - 8th Grade ELA

HUBLER, LISA - [email protected] - Librarian

JOHNSON, DEVON - [email protected] - MH Teacher

KING, CASSIDY -- [email protected] - 7th Grade Science

LAURIE, HOPE - [email protected] - Both Grades ELA

LEVY, DONNA - [email protected] - 8th Grade Math

MACAUDA, JAYSON - [email protected] - Title 1 - Math

MAYHER, LAURA - [email protected] - Media

NEWTON, SATONYA - [email protected] - 7th Grade ELA

RICHARDS, JOHN - [email protected] - Art

ROMANOFF, JOHN - [email protected] - 7th Grade Math

ROSENBAUM, TIM - [email protected] - 8th Grade Math

SHAMP, JOHN - [email protected]  - Band

SLAIN, STEFANIE - [email protected] - IS for both grades

SPIELMAN, ELLEN - [email protected] - ID Teacher

STAHLBERG, KYLE - [email protected] - 8th Grade Science

STURDIVANT, LAUREN - [email protected]  - Choir

TERRY, BRIANNE - [email protected] - AU Teacher

TISDALE, ERIN - [email protected] - 8th Grade Science

VERNER, LISA - [email protected] - IS for 7th grade

WILLIAMS, JENNIFER - [email protected] - IS for Science

POLLACK-ZIMMERMAN, EMILY - [email protected] - Speech

ZOLLINGER, EHRICH - [email protected] - 8th Grade Gym


Administration & Support Staff

Main Office Support
Jen Heitman-Laszlo

Attendance/ Student Center
Amber Quigley
216-691-2142 - Direct
216-691-2231 - Attendance Line

Dean of Students
JC Commander

Officer Joe DiLillo

Assistant Principal
Deb Cegelka
- and -
David Capretta

Matthew Bryan
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