Welcome to Greenview Intermediate School (grade 4)

Welcome to Greenview Intermediate School (grade 4)

Welcome to Greenview Intermediate School (grade 4)

Mr. Corey Russell
Greenview Intermediate School (grade 4) 

All of us here on the Greenview Campus are very excited to serve your family for the upcoming school year. I am overjoyed that I have the tremendous honor of serving your family as building principal of Greenview Intermediate School. We are here to make good things happen for other people, and have a strong desire in working closely with all Greenview stakeholders in forging the identity of our small school together. Greenview was formerly known as an Upper Elementary School. We now utilize a school within a school model, where fourth grade students will receive all instruction in the intermediate building, and fifth and sixth grade students will receive instruction in the middle school. This change allows for personalized learning opportunities for your student, that are specific to the grade level in which they attend.  

This year you are going to hear a great deal about the letters RYFP, which stands for Reach Your Full Potential. We are committed to encouraging your student to Reach Their Full Potential as fourth grade students, and sending them successfully to the Middle School. We will encourage your student to RYFP through providing opportunities to learn intrinsic motivation, in order to push beyond their limitations, and seek daily improvement as we learn to apply the skills learned previously into more rigorous academic challenges, as well as social and emotional learning situations.

Fourth grade is a great time to learn that the choices we make determine the outcomes we receive in life. On your students journey to RYFP, they will be receiving regular instruction on our decision making framework E+R=O, which is an equation the Ohio State Football team uses. E stands for Event, the daily interactions and events that we go through in life, R is your response to to those interactions and events that gives us the O for outcome that we deserve. We will instruct students on the skills that will provide them the ability to choose great RESPONSES to get great OUTCOMES!

I am so looking forward to the start of this school year and the growth opportunities that lay before all of us to RYFP along with our students. By focusing on What’s Important Now (W.I.N.) our students are going to choose great R’s and put themselves on the path to improve daily.  

Meet the Principal

Mr. Russell - Principal - Greenview Intermediate School

Hello SEL stakeholders,

My name is Corey S. Russell and I am honored to be the principal of Greenview Intermediate School. I began my career in the district as a Social Studies teacher and football coach at  Charles F. Brush High School. Since then, I have filled in various roles in administration at Greenview starting as Dean of Students, then Assistant Principal, and now Principal.

I began my professional career as a collegiate football coach, then transitioned to teaching high school, and now working with intermediate age students. At each step, my purpose was the exact same, make good things happen for other people. I am driven to putting young people on the path to reaching their full potential, and together we will make a difference in the lives of the young people of SEL schools.

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