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6th Grade Crime Scene Investigation Unit


Sixth-grade students in Mrs. Erin Macsurak’s classroom recently participated in a hands-on crime scene unit to learn how real-life crime scene investigation personnel use forensic science knowledge, tools, and skills to solve crimes! Mrs. Macsurak features a crime scene unit each school year and was able to utilize technology to enable both in-person and online learning students to participate. 

Using the classic fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, as the backdrop, students had to complete several experiments to determine if the defendant, Goldilocks, was wrongfully accused of the crimes committed. As part of the investigation, students analyzed a digital crime scene evidence collection, participated in a trace evidence collection lab, used microscopes to examine both real and virtual trace evidence, conducted a fingerprint (dactylogram) analysis, and engaged in DNA matching and microbiology experiments. Students greatly enjoyed the experiential learning experience and discovering how the study of science is applied in various career fields. 

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