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6th Graders Flex Physics Muscles


Sixth graders at Greenview Middle School recently flexed their physics muscles in STEM class. Using concepts involving simple machines, force, and motion, students created their own Rube Goldberg chain reaction machines! Named after the famous cartoonist and inventor, Rube Goldberg Machines accomplish simple tasks through complex and indirect methods.

Both virtual and in person students worked hard to complete the engaging STEM project. During that time, students learned about a music video for the song, This Too Shall Pass by OK Go, which featured a Rube Goldberg Machine that took 89 attempts to successfully work! The real-life example helped the students have perseverance and patience as their machines took many tries to get right, while some never completely worked. In the process, students also learned that in the field of science, trials and failures are just as important as achieving successful outcomes. Special thanks to Mrs. Macsurak for providing our students a creative STEM learning experience. Great job, 6th grade!

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