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SEL Schools Welcome New K-3 Students

Student lunch Event

SEL Schools Welcome New K-3 Students

As a fun and creative way to help welcome new students in the SEL Schools, the K-3 Elementary Counseling Team sponsored a series of new student lunch events at all three elementary buildings during the month of September. Approximately 96 students attended one of the three lunch events which were held at Adrian Elementary on September 9th, Rowland Elementary on September 10th, and Sunview Elementary on September 13th. For each event, invited students were organized by grade level and gathered in the art room at their home school building. The K-3 Elementary Counseling team of Lindsey Cutler and Lisa Artino, along with the youth development specialist assigned to the building, introduced themselves to the students. Each student then introduced themselves by sharing their name and the name of their classroom teacher. 

After eating lunch together, the K-3 Counselors led the students in playing the M & M game, which involved each student pulling an M & M candy out of a bag and sharing an interesting fact about themselves based on the color of the candy. Examples included sharing their favorite food or animal, what they enjoy doing at recess, after-school, or on weekends, as well as sharing about someone in their family, or a pet. Each student then received a Rice Krispy treat with a welcome note attached, as well as some M &M candy. The students had a blast spending time with and getting to know each other during the lunch events! A similar welcome activity is planned during winter break to welcome new students who begin attending the SEL Schools after the fall of 2021. A special thank-you to the K-3 School Counseling team for their dedicated efforts to ensure that our new students are welcomed and have an opportunity to connect with peers!

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