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Scientific Method Used to Test Paper Products
6th grade students in Ms. Alysia Hamilton-Beeler’s classroom at Greenview Middle School have begun applying their knowledge of the scientific method with hands-on experiments during remote learning at-home. For a recent experiment, students used the scientific method to test various paper products, such as paper towels, notebook paper, and tissue paper, in order to determine the strongest type. Students started by selecting three types of paper products and after securing each paper type to a cup or bowl, poured water (1/2 – 1 cup) onto the product. To test the strength of each paper product, students then picked a solid object such as coins, marbles, or ice cubes and placed them onto the product to see how many the paper type could hold before breaking. Students then recorded the results for each paper type in a chart format. The 6th graders greatly enjoyed completing the at-home experiment and look forward to conducting more scientific investigations throughout the school year!