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3rd Graders Receive Support During State Testing Period
Taking exams, including standardized tests, can cause students to experience anxiety and stress. The dedicated teachers and staff of the South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools seek to not only prepare students academically but support them socially and emotionally to foster academic growth and achievement. During the Week of October 26th, all K-3 buildings proctored 3rd grade state testing, which included a variety of strategies to support students as they completed the state mandated exams. Each building provided free meals for breakfast and lunch, as well as care bags assembled by the Center for Student Services, which included a card displaying a positive message, mints, and fun-themed pencils. As a way to encourage confidence and perseverance, students were given the opportunity to write encouraging words and draw artwork on a dry-erase board before beginning the test. To help alleviate stress, school counselors and PE teachers led students in “movement breaks” which included light exercises, yoga poses, and relaxing breathing techniques. Thank you to all teachers and staff in the SEL Schools for supporting our 3rd grade students as they fulfilled the required state testing requirements.