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Varsity Basketball Players Promote Cancer Awareness

Recently, members of the Varsity Men's Basketball Program collaborated and decided to shave their heads for Cancer Awareness. Our young men are dedicated to bringing awareness to all types of cancers. Shaving their heads for this purpose is just one small step towards a large goal of being able to continuously support those in need.

Please be sure to encourage, congratulate and support the players as they continue to help make a difference in the lives of those affected by Cancer. Your encouragement means a lot to them and shows that you stand behind them 100%!

Also, please be sure to come out and support your #4 ranked Brush Arcs on Tuesday December 18th as they take on #2 ranked St. Edwards. This game will not only be an exciting game for our basketball program but it will also be an exciting time for our district and community. During the course of the game we will be acknowledging all cancer survivors as well those who are currently in the fight.   Hope to see you there.

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