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Career Connections Classroom at Greenview Campus
A new school year has brought exciting and new learning opportunities for students at Greenview Campus! As part of the district’s career connections & SEL (Social Emotional Learning) plan, the Career Connections and SEL classes help students engage in age and grade-level appropriate activities developed around college and career readiness skills while incorporating social and emotional learning standards. The Career Connections and SEL teaching team at Greenview Campus includes Katie Pate and Apryl Buchanan.

During a recent lesson in Ms. Buchanan’s classroom in the Greenview Middle School library, sixth grade students examined and discussed helpful ways to calm themselves down when they feel excited, overwhelmed, or upset. Ms. Buchanan and students referred to their inner emotional state as their “clacker” which can be in three different states, including, too slow, ready to learn, or too fast. To help demonstrate how their “clacker” can slow down or speed up, Ms. Buchanan and students used a hand-held toy featuring plastic hands which made a clapping sound when shaken. Students worked in groups to brainstorm situations during which their “clacker” is too fast and shared them with the rest of the class. Ms. Buchanan then asked students to share steps they can take to calm down. Examples included taking a deep breath, focusing on something else, moving away from the situation, and asking for help. Finally, to help them keep track of the state of their emotions throughout the day, students created a “clacker” wheel which featured examples for how their “clacker” can be too slow, ready to learn, or too fast. Throughout the lesson, students were active listeners and learners – excellent job!

Stay tuned for future updates on how the SEL Schools are helping our students develop the skills necessary for successful futures!