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Greenview STEM Olympics 2021
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The creativity and critical thinking skills of 5th and 6th grade students at Greenview Middle School was celebrated at the 2021 STEM Olympics on Thursday, June 3, 2021. Those students who chose to participate were required to select one of four projects to build using all recycled materials at their home or by “shopping” at the recycle shop located in Mrs. Erin Macsurak’s classroom. Students built their projects during ARC Wednesdays and additional time outside of school. On the day of the competition, each homeroom gathered outside in the main courtyard to cheer on their fellow peers who were competing in the STEM Olympics. Virtual students also participated in the fun through a live stream of the event. 
For the water rocket group, students had to build and attach cardboard fins to an empty plastic two-liter bottle. Each rocket was then filled with water, inverted, and placed on a launch platform with a tube connected to an air compressor. The subsequent water pressure launched the rockets into the air and the distance traveled was measured and recorded. Students competing in the Egg Drop Competition had to build a container from one to five items, capable of protecting an egg from a high drop. All participating students did such a fantastic job designing their egg containers that NONE OF THE EGGS BROKE, resulting in an eight-way tie!
Participants in the Gravity Car Group built simple cars that moved without motors down a ramp on the sidewalk. For the “Boat that Floats” competition, students placed their homemade boats into a kiddie pool to determine how long they could float.  
A big congratulations to the following STEM Olympics winners, including Johanna Hatchett (water rocket), Ian Miller (gravity cart), and Elijah McClain (boat). 
The Greenview STEM Olympics ended with a soaring conclusion, as retiring Learning Resource Teacher and long-time Math/Science teacher, Mr. Paul Kijinski, performed one final model rocket launch from the school grounds of Greenview Campus. Mr. Kijinski has performed the model rocket launch as the culmination of a STEM based project for a number of years, making it one of the most anticipated end-of-year events for Greenview students. A former Missile Launch Control Officer in the U.S. Air Force, Mr. Kijinski wore his military uniform and explained to the students in attendance about the rocket launch. Students and staff marveled with excitement as Mr. Kijinksi launched several rockets from a safe distance on the nearby baseball field. Mr. Kijinski will also be donating five unbuilt model rocket kits to each science teacher to raffle off. A special thank-you to Mr. Kijinski for his dedicated service on behalf of our country in the military and for teaching the students in the SEL Schools during his education career.
Finally, congratulations to all students who participated in the 2021 Greenview STEM Olympics for their hard work and demonstration of classroom learning!