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EnVision Math in the SEL Schools

EnVision Math

A new K-12 math curriculum is providing students across the SEL Schools the ability to learn key math concepts in new and engaging ways. enVision Math is a core curriculum that seeks to help students develop an understanding of math concepts through problem-based instruction, small group interaction and visual learning with a focus on reasoning and modeling. As a result, students can gain a deeper, clearer understanding of math concepts by solving problems that have depth and involve real-world situations. 

During a recent lesson in Ms. Dreyer’s fifth grade math class, students participated in an interactive Solve and Share lesson involving estimating the result of quotients or answers to division problems using two-digit divisors (the number being divided by). Ms. Dreyer began the lesson by writing an estimating quotient example involving a two-digit divisor on the whiteboard and asked students to raise their hand and share their observations, including possible paths to solving the problem. Afterwards, students were asked to solve another similar estimating quotient in their math workbook independently at their desks while Ms. Dreyer circulated to observe student work and engage in discussion with them to elicit student understanding. The reality-based problem required students to estimate the cost of an individual bracelet by identifying compatible numbers for the amount of money earned and the total number of bracelets.  Students were then given the opportunity to turn and share their path to a solution with another student at their group of desks. 

Ms. Dreyer then utilized class discussion to enable students to share their solution strategies with the entire class, including writing out how they identified compatible numbers to estimate the answer to the quotient. Referencing student work on the board, Ms. Dreyer provided detailed feedback and reinforced connections to the learning goal of the lesson. After reviewing several other examples, students were able to stay at their desks or move to various areas of the room for additional practice. 

At Sunview Elementary School, students in Miss Beck’s first grade classroom recently engaged in a Solve and Share learning activity using the enVision Math curriculum. Students were asked to write an addition equation to match the placement of two different colored counters (blocks) on a frame of ten squares. Using hand-held whiteboards, students were able to practice the application of the math concept in various areas of the classroom. 

Students in the SEL Schools have responded positively to the interactive and problem-based instruction of the new enVision math curriculum. In addition, SEL teachers regularly collaborate to share best instructional practices to promote student learning. The SEL Schools would like to thank all teachers and staff for their partnership in implementing the new enVision Math curriculum and commitment to helping our students succeed!

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