Board of Education

Board of Education

Board of Education

Your community has elected five local citizens to serve on the SEL Board of Education. The Board meets regularly in advance of the regular board meeting to consider reports and recommendations from the Superintendent and the Treasurer of the School District. The Board’s primary responsibilities are to set policy for the schools and to take actions needed to assure that such policies can be implemented.

Board meetings follow a specific agenda which is prepared and studied in advance of the regular board meeting. You may address the SEL Board during the Public Comment portion of the meeting. The School Board and Administration will always attempt to answer issues that are presented. In some cases, more information is needed to satisfy all parties. In such instances, the question may be referred to the Superintendent for further investigation or study. Individual concerns can be handled most effectively when residents discuss a specific issue with the proper administrator or the Superintendent of Schools before bringing the issue to the School Board in a public meeting.

We welcome your involvement in the SEL Schools. Involved and informed parents and citizens are the best guarantee of the quality education for students.

A Letter From Your Board

On behalf of the Board of Education of the South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools, we write to formally welcome the entire community back to another school year of academic success and overall district educational growth. As always, we wish the best of successes to the students and staff of the district. This year, the SEL Schools plans to build on the successes and growth from the last several years, under the strong leadership of Superintendent Linda N. Reid. Some of those recent, notable accomplishments include:

  • The creation of Destination 2023, the district’s strategic plan

  • The affirmation of the community by passing the district’s operating levy

  • The positive strides made on the district’s report card in the last year

  • The aligning of resources to better improve academics, such as the School Day Schedule Redesign

  • The successful rebranding of the district to unify the entire student body

  • The streamlining of Central Office and consolidation of positions to reduce overhead and save district dollars

The Board of Education is pleased with these accomplishments, among many others in the last several years, and we look forward to taking more strides in the future. Our vision is clear, and that is to become The Destination School Community. With our district leadership, teachers and staff, students, parents and community at large, the Board is confident that it can fulfill that vision together. 

All the best!


SEL Board of Education

Cassandra M. Jones, President
Erin Lee, Vice President 
Kathryn Falkenberg, Member
Ashley King, Member
Crystal Shelby, Member 

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