Kindergarten Registration Now Open
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Kindergarten Orientation Thursday, May 11
Must be registered to attend orientation

Registration Instruction Video Guide


Please carefully review the following information concerning our enrollment process, change of address updates, and withdrawal procedures
Instructions for New Enrollment
Registration is COMPLETELY ONLINE.  All forms are completed and submitted electronically; you do not need to print forms.

Preschool Registration: Please note that preschool students must either have a current IEP, been recommended for an evaluation, or received a formal acceptance letter as a peer model before online registration can begin.  If you would like to request your child attend a peer role model screening or would like more information about peer role models for our integrated preschool program, please contact our Office for Exceptional Students at 216.691.2026.

ALL documents MUST BE UPLOADED before we review your electronic registration information.  If all documents are loaded properly and are complete, you will receive a TEXT AND/OR EMAIL message to indicate your registration is complete and your registration appointment is canceled.  Incomplete registrations will receive a CALL AND/OR EMAIL. 

Steps to Register:
2. Complete registration online and schedule your appointment at Remember, if ALL information submitted electronically is clear and complete, we will TEXT AND/OR EMAIL you to cancel your appointment.
3. Complete and/or Upload documents listed in the checklist, including the Birth Certificate, Mortgage statement or Lease, two (2) Utility bills, Custody documents, Residency and Custody Affirmation, Student Health History form and Immunization records.
Documents must be uploaded in the appropriate area.  For example, you may only upload your child’s birth certificate in the “Birth Certificate” field, mortgage statement or lease in the “Mortgage/Lease” field, and so on.  Failure to upload documents as described above will prevent enrollment.
The required district forms to complete new enrollment – Residency and Custody Affirmation and Student Health History – are on the right side of this page and are completed and submitted electronically. Please upload the Physical Form (on the right side) and Immunizations Records as part of the online registration process or email these forms to our district nurse at [email protected].  
Preschool Parents will be contacted regarding the Physical Form and Immunization Records.

Instructions for Change of Address
If your child(ren) are already enrolled in South Euclid Lyndhurst Schools and moved WITHIN the SEL School District, please follow the steps below to update your address. The required district form to complete the change of address - Residency and Custody Affirmation – is on the right side of this page and is completed and submitted electronically. 
Steps to Update Change of Address:
  1. Please go to The username is your student’s 5-digit school ID. The password is your student’s Date of Birth typed as 10 characters in the following format: ##/##/#### (ex-08/01/2018 – please note, you must include the slash (/) marks).
  2. Please make the necessary changes and upload the completed Residency and Custody Affirmation, Mortgage statement or Lease, Two (2) Utility bills. 
If you have questions, please email registration at [email protected]
Instructions for Withdrawals

Please view the following flyer for contact information and locations for student withdrawal appointments, and a list of all required documents and materials to bring to your appointment. 
View text-based website