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Adrian Students Present Coding Skills

Adrian Students Present Coding Skills

The Brush High School Media Center was filled with excitement and energy as seventeen Adrian Elementary students representing grades K-3 demonstrated their coding knowledge and skills to members of the Board of Education and Administrative Team at the scheduled board meeting on Tuesday, April 11th. During the presentation, students took on the role of teachers as they modeled how to use different colored markers to code directions for small Ozobot robots, such as making turns, changing speeds, and special moves such as spin, zigzag, and backwalk. After modeling the process of coding, the students guided the adults to complete their own coding worksheets. Members of the Board of Education and Administrative Team were extremely impressed with the students’ understanding of the coding concepts and had a wonderful time working together!

Under the instruction of Adrian STEM Lab Teacher Mr. John Bottar, students have been learning how to use various combinations of color codes using red, green, blue, and black markers to direct the Ozobots to complete different objectives, including varied speeds, direction, and special moves as they travel across lines on worksheets. The Ozobots were introduced in STEM Lab classes for the 2022-23 school year through a grant written by Brush Associate Principal, Mr. Ron Johnson with guidance from Technology Integration Specialist, Mr. Ryan Morton. In addition to developing their coding knowledge, students have discovered the integral role that coding plays in everyday life, including computer programs, video games, and other technologies. 

Adrian students in grades K-3 visit the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Lab on average of one time per week to engage in a variety of STEM-based activities. During the current school year, student learning has emphasized technology concepts. In addition, to coding with robots, students have been developing their keyboarding skills using a program called Typing Club, which teaches proper typing techniques through fun and interactive lessons. Typing skills will be vital for students to know and utilize in our increasingly technology driven world, beginning with the third-grade standardized tests which are completed on computers. 
Congratulations to our Adrian students for their excellent work in the classroom and coding demonstration for the Board of Education and district leadership!

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