Flyer Submission Guidelines

Flyer Submission Guidelines

Flyer Submission Guidelines
The South Euclid Lyndhurst School District recognizes the importance of communicating kid-centered events, sign ups, registrations and information about youth programs and activities to our students.  

In order to expedite your request, please use the guidelines listed below:

1.  Forms should be submitted electronically as an attachment to an email, directed to Assistant Superintendent, Dominick Kaple at [email protected].
2. Each flyer must include: Contact Name, Email and Phone Number, in addition to a disclaimer that the event is not sponsored by SEL Schools (if applicable).  
3. Please supply a brief description/title of your flyer which includes the following information: Who, What, When, Where and Why for your event.
4. Please be sure to include the desired date of posting and the date that the event ends. 
5. Flyers from SEL coaches must use the home telephone number(s) of the coach(es) for contact information. Additionally, the coach must receive approval by the Athletic Director before being submitted to the Assistant Superintendent. 
6. Flyers may be submitted at any time but will ONLY be posted to Flyer Central every Wednesday. In order for us to help you promote your event, please plan accordingly.
7. Requests to building personnel will be directed to the Central Office for consideration of approval. ALL flyers must be pre-approved by Dominick Kaple, Assistant Superintendent. The Assistant Superintendent may consider whether the flyers are age-appropriate, meets Board Policy and/or meets community standards of decency and propriety.
8. Direct distribution to individual students or parents during the school day or at school sponsored events, including Open House, will not be permitted.

9. Flyers will not be approved if they are of a political or controversial nature, promote groups or activities that are in competition with SEL community-based organizations, or seek to promote activities or programs which are not intended for the students through whom the flyers are to be distributed.

10. The Assistant Superintendent may exercise discretion when approving flyers (i.e., from for-profit enterprises and may consider the product or service advertised and whether it conforms to the standards of the district and its educational mission).  

11. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the Assistant Superintendent at 216-691-2007.  

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