MAC Ambassadors

MAC Ambassadors

MAC Program

MAC Program 

Mentoring. Achievement. Community.

The MAC Program is an initiative of the Office of Pupil Services.  Recognizing the importance of student involvement in achieving the district’s mission and vision as The Destination, the MAC Program Ambassadors demonstrate Mentoring. Achievement. Community. at school and in the learning communities of South Euclid and Lyndhurst.  MAC is open to ALL students regardless of race and/or ethnicity.  

Program Overview

MAC Ambassadors participate in age-appropriate activities that promote academic achievement; college & career readiness; financial literacy; character development and integrity; 21st century skills and competencies; arts and culture; and community service.  MAC Ambassadors also lead and facilitate school-wide activities to model positive behaviors and encourage academic achievement among their peers.  The MAC Program is aligned to the district’s strategic plan. 

Although MAC Ambassadors are not expected to be perfect, they must demonstrate continuous improvement academically and behaviorally.  Please encourage your student to adhere to the following standards: 

  • Strive to be a positive leader and role model among their peers.
  • Attend school daily and report to classes on time.
  • Participate in MAC Program meetings, activities and exposure experiences/trips.

MAC Program meetings, activities, exposure experiences and trips occur before or after school and occasionally on weekends.  While transportation for field trips during the school day is provided, parents must arrange transportation for their student’s participation in MAC Program meetings before or after school and for special events or activities in the evening or on the weekend.  

MAC Pledge:  I am a South Euclid Lyndhurst MAC Ambassador. I pledge to uphold the name and image of MAC Ambassadors by mentoring others, maintaining high academic achievement and serving my school and community.

Application & Selection Process

Annually in September, the MAC Program Application process opens in each school building.  All students in grades 3 to 12 are invited to apply.  Interested students may request a MAC Application from the MAC Advisor(s) in their school or in the school office.

An Advisor is assigned to each MAC male and female group at each school; each group has a maximum number of Ambassadors accepted.  A waiting list is maintained in the event selected Ambassadors are unable to continue in the program for the current school year.  More students apply than are accepted; throughout the school year, the MAC Ambassadors will sponsor “MAC & More” events and activities that are open to all students, not just current MAC Ambassadors.

Selection Process Guidelines:

  • Selection as a MAC Ambassador is not guaranteed each year; a new application is required annually.
  • Teacher (staff) recommendation is a consideration.
  • Attendance, grades and discipline are also considered.
  • Upon selection, MAC Ambassadors sign an agreement to adhere to the MAC Ambassador standards and expectations.  Failure to comply may result in dismissal from the MAC program. 
  • MAC program meetings, activities, exposure experiences and trips occur before or after school and occasionally on weekends; parent permission is required.  Parents must arrange transportation. 


2021-2022 MAC Program Advisors

Adrian Elementary School

TBD            3rd Grade Females & Males

Rowland Elementary School

TBD           3rd Grade Females & Males

Sunview Elementary School

TBD           3rd Grade Females & Males

Greenview Upper Elementary School

TBD           4th Grade Females & Males 

TBD           5th Grade Females & Males

TBD           6th Grade Females & Males

Memorial Junior High School

TBD           7th & 8th Grade Females

TBD           7th & 8th Grade Males

Brush High School 

TBD           9th & 10th Grade Females

TBD           9th & 10th Grade Males

TBD           11th & 12th Grade Females

TBD           11th & 12th Grade Males



The original MAC program in SEL was the Minority Achievement Committee and was modeled after a program in Shaker Heights.  The design of the Shaker Heights program was based on their membership in the Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN), a national initiative of 15 suburban districts with similar characteristics around the country.  Although SEL was never a member of MSAN, many years ago, SEL shared the original characteristics of MSAN districts and therefore established the Brush Chapter of the MAC Scholars in 2003. Over the years, the MAC scholars at BHS expanded and evolved to not only include other buildings but a similar program for the female students in SEL, Grades 3-12.

The benefit and positive impact of the original MAC Program to the students and greater SEL community was far-reaching and life-changing for 13 years. However, the demographic shift in SEL required a philosophical shift that supported a universal commitment to culturally relevant and responsive curriculum and instruction as well as enrichment opportunities for all students.  Appreciating the history of the MAC program and maintaining many key components of the original program, the redesigned program was launched in the 2016-2017 school year and MAC became Mentoring. Achievement. Community., open to all students, regardless of race and/or ethnicity.  All MAC students, males and females, Grades 3-12, are known as MAC Ambassadors.

MAC Program 2017-2018 

Photos below

Closing Program Highlights, May 2018



MAC Program 2016-2017

Closing Program Highlights May 2017 


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