Credit Flexibility

Credit Flexibility

Independent Study & Credit Flexibility

 A credit flex opportunity at Charles F. Brush High School is a student owned opportunity that:

  •  Provides more choice and autonomy in deciding how, when and where students learn
  • Provides more options for individually suited pathways to post-secondary and career goals
  • Provides acceleration and convenience including more options for courses in school schedule (especially for fitting in electives)
  • Provides better preparation for the world beyond secondary education including college
  • Students will have an increased independence with greater individual responsibility for gaining credit. Students may earn credits through any of the following or a combination thereof;
  • Completion of courses
  • Testing out or otherwise demonstrating mastery of the course content; or
  • Pursuit of one or more "educational options" (e.g., distance learning, educational travel, independent study, an internship, music, arts, after school program, community service or engagement project and sports).

Credit Flexibility applies to any alternative coursework, assessment and/or performance that demonstrates proficiency qualified to be awarded equivalent graduation credit as applied for and approved in advance by the school district. Approved credit awarded through this policy will be posted on the student’s transcript and counted as required graduation credit in the related subject area or as an elective.


Students that can answer in the affirmative to the following questions are ready for a credit flex course. Students understand that:

  •  I will follow the rules of SEL City Schools and the school code of conduct while working on this credit flex opportunity.
  • I understand that SEL City Schools cannot offer hardware or software support for my personal computer.
  • I am the only one responsible for my own learning.
  • I am able to manage my study time effectively and easily complete assignments on time.
  • I am self-disciplined and find it easy to set aside reading and homework time.
  • When it comes to learning, I am a self-directed person.
  • I am willing to follow the recommendations made by the committee approving my credit flex plan.
  • I am willing to revise my credit flex plan according to the specifications of the committee.


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